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MACC Zooms In Virtual Convening

MACC Zooms In On: Fall Preparation and Planning

Join your network for a conversation about what our organizations might need to anticipate and plan for as we head into the coming fall and winter. We'll break out into small groups and use our unique, but interconnected perspectives to build a clearer picture of what our organizations and communities might face this fall.

09/24/2020 Register
(For MACC Network members only)

MACC Zooms In Virtual Convening

MACC Zooms In On: The Final GOTV Push

With just one month until the November election, and targeted misinformation campaigns actively working to confuse and suppres the vote, educating and empowering our communities is more important than ever! Hear what our network can do in the final push to get out the vote!

10/01/2020 More Info

MACC Zooms In Virtual Convening

MACC Zooms In On: MACC!

Our MACC network is a group of 53 unique, diverse nonprofits. We're each experiencing this pandemic in different ways. MACC's annual member survey asked our network about our assets and our challenges. This conversation will dig into our shared experiences and explore the gap between our assets and resources and the challenges we're facing. We'll define the gap - and focus our collective energy on opportunities to close it.

10/15/2020 More Info

MACC Zooms In Virtual Convening

MACC Zooms In On: Caring for Ourselves and Organizations

2020 has been a lot. It's been hard. And it's not over yet. 

How we care for each other as both employees and individuals is important. How can our organizations support working parents? How can we support individuals facing burnout? What strategies can we as individuals implement, and where can our organizations support all of us as we make our way through.

10/29/2020 More Info

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