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MACC Zooms In Virtual Convening

MACC Zooms In On: COVID in 2021: Equitable Vaccine Rollout, Pandemic Status, and Community Engagement

Join our dynamic panel of public health experts to discuss the current state of the COVID pandemic and what we can expect as vaccines begin distribution in our communities. We’ll dig into the serious equity questions arising around distribution - including who gets considered an “essential” worker. We’ll also discuss what role community based organizations can play in engaging our communities.

02/04/2021 More Info


Day 1: Re-Imagining How We Care for Ourselves & Others

It is going to take a long time and a lot of work, investment, and care to help our communities heal and rebuild. Each of you will play a key part - but you need healing and care too. To help our communities rebuild - we need to make sure we're taking care of ourselves and each other and building resilience

03/15/2021 More Info


Day 2: Re-Imagining Anti-Racist Organizations

The blatant injustice and violence of the past year has opened a lot of eyes. Human service orgs will continue to play a key role in fighting for justice and addressing the impact of the systemic racism oppressing our communities, but we also have to look at our own role in perpetuating, and supporting racist systems. What does it take to build anti-racist organizations and dismantle white supremacy in human services?

03/17/2021 More Info


Day 3: Re-Imagining The Role of Human Services

This past year has made absolutely clear how critical our community well-being is, but also how little understood and valued our sector’s role in maintaining it is. Human service orgs are instrumental in building a community’s strong foundation and a strong human service infrastructure is critical for what lies ahead. We need a better framework to make sure our role, and our expertise is fully understood and appreciated by funders, by our government partners, and by the public.

03/19/2021 More Info

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