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Many members report that working with our suite of programs and services offers them both a collaborative network and professional development, but also the expertise that allows them to focus their time and energy on making an impact in their community and delivering results against their missions.  

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"MACC staff have been helpful, engaging and went well out of the way to learn our business model in setting up the ClientTrack database in order to fit our client data needs. An important aspect of our interaction with MACC is their willingness to share training and support documentation.  In short, there is little that seems proprietary about how to get the most from ClientTrack.  St. Stephen’s primary contact for training and support; Alicia, has been extremely responsive and provides great training for our Database Administration staff.  Having someone who has worked with the database on the front lines at the agency level adds to their ability to relate directly to system issues and has helped us avoid problems in implementation.  Collecting comprehensive client data for setting program direction and strategic planning is critical to our day-to-day operation and our growth.  Our partnership with MACC is a valuable asset in that process. "

Charles G. Cook, LSW
Director of Administration
St. Stephen's Human Services

"MACC offers us a diverse perspective and working with multiple stakeholders strengthens our own capacity. They are a part of our accomplishments and we are not just getting services, but learning each day with their expert skilled staff.  They have the best finance team who keeps us on track, and above all, makes sure we are following best practices and processes that keep our standards high. Other small nonprofits can benefit from their expertise and be successful like we have."

Ekta Prakash, Executive Director

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