Strategic Framework



This Framework describes and establishes the long-term strategic priorities and direction for MACC. It is an adaptive framework for MACC and our network to navigate our constantly changing  world.

Our Strategic Framework is made up of the following key elements:

 Our Vision statement

 Our Mission statement

 Our committment to IDEA

 Our Theory of Change

 Our two Strategic Priorities

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To live into its new vision, mission, and commitment to IDEA, MACC will advance two key strategic priorities:

  Infuse its commitment to IDEA throughout MACC’s existing programs and services and strategically develop new programs and services, and
  Expand its efforts to advance systems change and advocacy in order to address the symptoms of systemic racism and how it shows up in the underinvestment of human services nonprofits.
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MACC's Theory of Change brings together and names what MACC is currently, what MACC offers to our members, and what MACC aspires to become:

Home to a network of human service nonprofits Vehicle for collective action and collective voice Provider of quality shared administrative services Resource for information, knowledge, and learning Facilitator of cooperative purchasing power

Connections and community.

Peer dialogue, learning, and innovation.

Solidarity and mutual support.

Collaboration opportunities.

Change the narrative around the value of human services by reframing how we communicate about our work, the human services sector, and our communities.

Mobilize the energy of our network and empower our members to engage in shared work and take collective action.

Uplift human stories of courage, ingenuity, and resilience to build shared purpose and show a path to action.

Cultivate solidarity among our diverse members and the human services sector to fight injustice and oppression and invest in member-driven systems change.

High quality administration at a fair value.

Reduced risk.

Increased stability.

Decreased stress for staff, managers, and leaders.

More time to focus on mission instead of administration.

Increased impact.

Knowledge about nonprofit legal obligations, compliance requirements, and best practices.

Member-to-member learning opportunities.

Forums for collaborative resource development.

Research and development.

Catalyst for new ideas.

Adaptability, agility, and innovation.

Better benefits.

Better systems.

Better tools.

Increased access to useful resources.

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