2023 Member Summit


2023 MACC

  March 6th, 7th, 9th  I  Online & In Person
  $35-$45 / Day
$100 / All Inclusive

*includes $50+ in additional perks!




Remember how strong we are together.

The past 3 years we have faced unprecedented challenges, but we've also built incredible power, resolve, and solidarity within our organizations and communities. The 2023 Member Summit is all about the power we can build together. Our interconnectedness is one of our most powerful tools to create lasting systems change. We're facing enduring, systemic challenges that no one person or organization can tackle. As part of this network you're never in this work alone. As a network we are resource-full, we are relationship-full, and it's important to remember how powerful we are together.

Each day will focus on a different way we can build power together:  

  Day 1: Take on the funding structures that never fully fund the work or the people doing the work. We can't address racial inequality and systemic injustice on pennies. We'll get honest about our sector's messed up funding model and what we can do about it.
  Day 2: Discover the antidotes for DEI complacency. We'll get the tools and fuel we need to get unstuck so we can stay in the work of building equity in our organizations and hold each other accountable for real -not performative- and lasting -not temporary- change.
  Day 3: Join the resistance. Focusing too much on resilience can reduce us to our individual ability to endure hardship. We're way past self-care. Learn how can we lean into our emotions - our frustration, anger, sadness - to bring us together to change the things forcing us to be resilient in the first place.


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