2024 Member Summit


2024 MACC

  April 22nd, 24th, 25th  I  Online & In Person
  $35-$50 / Day
$100 / All Inclusive

***a $145 value!


A path forward!

We need to be equipped for the mountains that we're climbing in our shared challenges around mental health, Pay Justice for our workforce, and Data Justice. The MACC 2024 Summit aims to armor up our network and kick start a journey of individualized healing as a collective force. By rallying our collective strength we can clear a path forward through the systemic, ever-present challenges in our sector.

Registration Options
All-Inclusive   $100 each (includes registration for all 3 days + $25 DoorDash credit - a $145 value!)
Virtual Day 1   $35 each
In-Person Day 2   $50 each (includes workshop refreshments plus social hour beverage & food)
Virtual Day 3   $35 each
New! All Inclusive Group Registration   $80/person Deeply discounted All Inclusive registration for groups of 10 or more!


  Day 1: Our wounds usually come from outside ourselves: family, work, and the systemic violence many of us experience every day. We'll start with a conversation about where we can find resources for healing outside of ourselves too. Then join an engaging, dialogue focused workshop to dig into the nuance of carrying marginalized identity while navigating social hierarchy and holding space. 
  Day 2: Funders have a blind spot when it comes to funding equitable pay for the people doing the work. But not all the power is with our funders. Nonprofits can and must use our influence if we want funding that works better for our organizations and our workforce. You'll leave with concrete actions you can take that will start to shift conversations internally at your organization and with partners and funders.

Day 3: Data is currency. We have a collective responsibility to push back on extractive, exploitative, invasive, and wasteful data requirements. Our MACC Network envisions a new relationship with Data Justice. Learn what steps you can take to put Data Justice in practice at your organization, and how we can advocate as a network for change.   



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