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MACC Zooms In: Things are still moving at warp-speed. During this rapidly evolving crisis, it's more important than every that we stay connected. In our virtual "MACC Zooms In" sessions we bring our network together to connect, talk with each other, hear from experts, and discuss the issues and challenges they're facing.


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MACC Zooms In On: Data Justice

Wednesday, February 15th, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

We rely on data for accountability, funding, case management, and storytelling – but how often are our communities involved in the decisions around how we collect, use, and store their data? The MACC Data Network is a collaborative group of MACC members using an equity lens to explore our collective relationship with data. Join data leaders from across your MACC network as they share what they’ve learned on their journey to bring more voices to the data table, and build community-based, data-informed storytelling and organizational learning practices grounded in equity, access, and inclusion.




Who you'll hear from:

Hear from data leaders at different MACC members about what they’ve learned through collaboratively developing a shared definition of data justice and how they’re using it as a lens to evaluate the intended AND unintended consequences of researching or collecting data on individuals and communities.

Data is critical to our work as nonprofits. Learn about the MACC Data Network’s approach to building a new relationship with data, communities, non-profits, and funders grounded in data justice.


Conversation Moderator: Alicia Ranney, She/Her
Vice President of Data Services, MACC


Amy Brown, She/Her
Data Administrator, Valley Outreach
Why is data justice important to you? “Data justice is important to me because learning to see and honor people is the way to great change.”

Denise Smieja, She/Her
Contracts and Evaluation Director, The Link
Why is Data Justice important to you? “Data justice is important to me because I care about the youth in our programs. They have experienced trauma in their lives and our data doesn't need to add to that trauma.”

Joylenna Garcia, She/Her
Agency Data Specialist, Agate Housing and Services
Why is Data Justice important to you? “My commitment to the cultivation of a culture of inclusivity that has a foundation of equitable and dignified practices, processes and behavior is what brings me to the work of Data Justice. Justice in Data is an extension of Social Justice.”

Paul McNiff, He/Him
Database Administrator, Neighborhood House
Why is Data Justice important to you? “I work at data justice in a response to the population who are required to answer questions that trigger trauma when asked to speak about their personal life.  I want to help remove barriers for people who are in need, so they can receive the help they are asking for.”


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