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MACC Zooms In: Things are still moving at warp-speed. During this rapidly evolving crisis, it's more important than every that we stay connected. In our virtual "MACC Zooms In" sessions we bring our network together to connect, talk with each other, hear from experts, and discuss the issues and challenges they're facing.


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NEW: MACC Zooms In On: Accessing Legislative Funding Opportunities

Join political strategist Amy Koch from Hylden Advocacy and Law Tuesday, August 31st from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm to talk about how your organization can navigate funding processes at our state legislature. It can feel a bit inaccessible and mysterious unless you’ve got someone in the know. Fortunately we do! With her background as both a MN state Senator and her current work as a political strategist Amy has seen all sides of the legislative process.

  • Learn about legislative budget appropriations and how your organization can be included.
  • Learn about how to approach a bonding request - where to get started and what to do next.
  • 2022 will be a key 2nd year of ARP (American Rescue Plan) funds, learn how your organization can access those dollars!


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Amy Koch, Political Strategies, Hylden Advocacy and Law

Amy served in the Minnesota Senate from 2005 to 2013, and holds the special honor of being the first and only woman elected as Senate Majority Leader in Minnesota.  During her time in the Senate, she served on Transportation, K-12 Education and Higher Education, Energy and Jobs and Economic Development committees, and built a deep knowledge about these areas of public policy.  She is a small business owner, an education reform activist and a regular commentator on Minnesota local media. She’s frequently quoted by WCCO, the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press and Politics in Minnesota. She is a regular guest on TPT’s Almanac and co-host of the Wrong about Everything podcast.




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